Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exercise in front of the TV

Half of my workouts take place in front of the television. Most of us watch a couple of hours of television every day. It's a passive activity. We also have a tendency to eat in front of the television. If you're already there, watching a show, why not move a little? Remember, not every workout has to burn 1000 calories. But watching television can be an opportunity to burn more than 0. Exhausted from the day? Just do some simple balance training exercises.

Stand on one leg and move the other leg back and forth.
Grab one knee and pull it in toward your chest while balancing on the other leg.
Put your feet together, reach toward the ceiling with both hands, and slowly bend from side to side.
Do 10 to 20 squats down to the couch or chair you usually sit in while watching television.

All of these exercises will improve your balance, flexibility, and core stability.


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